ATL Wall Crawl: My Favorite Walls in The City

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This wall is located on the side of Paris on Ponce and the address is 716 Ponce de Leon Place NE, Atlanta

Dress| Shoes| Earrings | Sunnies

I have this thing for? brightly colored walls…ok, brightly colored anything really, LOL. One of the most common questions that I often get asked is “Where do you find all those walls?!” I live in a small suburb outside of Atlanta, so to find any interesting walls, I always have to go into the city. Believe it or not, Atlanta actually doesn’t have that many graffiti walls compared to other major cities. Any one thing we are definitely lacking are solid colored walls! Recently with the launch of the Outerspace Project, Atlanta picked up some amazing murals painted by some wonderfully talented artists. I still haven’t had a chance to visit all of the walls yet, but got to see a few of the new ones last week. The walls below are not all apart of the Outerspace Project (unless noted), but are some of my favorite walls that I have had the opportunity to visit so far. I hope to visit some more walls soon and share them with the rest of you!

Dress, Necklace, Shoes, Clutch

This wall was created by one of my favorite artists, Tommy Bronx.? His signature colors are this turquoise and pink color (no wonder I love him so much!) You can find a few pieces of his work through out Atlanta, including a new mural from the Outerspace Project. I went to his new mural, but it was in direct sunlight, so I will have to go back at a different point during the day to get some pictures. This wall can be found near the Studioplex Lofts in Atlanta.

Romper, Bag:c/o Gunas New York, Shoes, Earrings: c/o BaubleBar, Sunnies

This wall can be found in Little Five Points and was created? by Sanithna. The address of the wall is 1 Moreland Ave. SE

Jumpsuit| Shoes| Bag| Earrings: c/o Purple Peridot

This wall was created by Chris Veal and is located near Highland Bakery in Atlanta. It also includes a large red cardinal and is absolutely beautiful against a black background!

Dress: c/o Vineyard Vines| Shoes|? Sunnies

Another one of my favorite artists around Atlanta is Greg Mike. Greg has several pieces throughout Atlanta, including a new mural from the Outerspace Project. This wall shown can be found near Jenkins Metal and Supply Co.

Dress: Banana Republic | Shoes: Banana Republic (c/o)| Earrings

?This wall is located? at the West Side Cultural Arts Center / Brady Ave and 10th Street, 760 10th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318. The walls were painted by artist Alex Brewer

Dress,| Shoes | Necklace

This wall is located off the Beltline near Ponce City Parket. Its along the walls of Paris on Ponce and was painted by artist Addison Karl. It wasrecently painted over for the Outerspace Project, but the new replacement by Ouzi (seen below) is pretty awesome! I just really loved the pink and bright colors on this one, wish we could’ve kept it and also had Ouzi’s new creation!

Two-piece top and skirt | Necklace

Ouzi’s new floral wall located on the Beltline side of Paris on Ponce

Top | Leggings | Shoes | Sunglasses | Yoga Mat

This is a new mural created by Patch Whiskey as part of the Outerspace Project. It is located at 538 Decatur Street SE Atlanta, GA 30312

Shirt | Skirt

This is one of my favorite colorful walls in Atlanta. Its right underneath a bridge next to Ponce City Market. Sadly, I’m not sure who painted it.

Dress | Necklace (c/o Baublebar)| Shoes

This is another wall located in Ponce City Market right near the Parking Garage. I’m not quite sure who the artist is.

I hope you enjoyed a little taste of the beautiful murals the city of Atlanta has to offer! I am always so amazed by the talent these wall artists have and also by their attention to detail that I have no clue how they are able to create such huge masterpieces! If you’re ever in Atlanta, definitely check these out!


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