Mission Possible: Pointy Pumps You Can Wear All Day

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As I’ve gotten older, shoe comfort has become a major priority for me. Gone are the days of wearing the highest shoes I can find and then suffering the next day when I can barely walk because my feet hurt so bad. I have so many shoes in my closet like this that never get worn, so within the last few years I have tried to make a conscious effort? to? purchase shoes that are cute, comfortable and that are a realistic height for me to wear daily. I’m usually out and about with my two year old son too, so I need a shoe that gives me a little bit of height but is easy to walk in. Meet my new found love, the kitten heel.

I was recently introduced to a new line of comfort shoes by Vionic. Vionic makes this Josie Kitten heel that currently comes in eight different colors. I chose the green suede color (it was a tough call between these and the leopard print!) because I knew it would be a great color to add to my colorful shoe collection and also that I could wear this color all year long. I was immediately drawn to the kitten heel because of its versatility and obviously the heel height. These shoes are only 2″ tall, but give me just the right amount of height to be comfortable but still give the impression that I am in fact wearing heels.

I paired my kitten heels with this Rainbow Gingham dress?because I?really wanted to accent the green in the dress and knew that by adding the green shoes, I could really make the color pop. Plus, how cute is this gingham print? It also comes in a skirt, top, and shoes (linked below) My favorite part about these shoes (besides the gorgeous green color) is how comfortable they are. The insoles of these shoes have a layer of foam with added metatarsal dome padding to really help cushion my feet.? You would never know that these were comfort shoes by looking at them. My favorite thing about Vionic is that they make comfortable shoes without sacrificing style!

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34 thoughts on “Mission Possible: Pointy Pumps You Can Wear All Day

  1. What a cute look! Those shoes are amazing!! I love the green and the other colors they come in!!

  2. When I read the title I knew I had to check out these heels! As much as I love the look of stilettos I struggle to find a pair that actually is wearable for long periods of time! I love the shade and style of the pair you shared πŸ™‚

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  3. I jus tlove that dress, everything about it. Excellent photography too. Pretty shoes, I think I might have gotten both th green and the leopard! Comfort is key, but I do find some high heels comfy, but pointy shoes are tricky- though so chic!
    Love your blog,
    Xx, Elle

  4. In love with your whole look! Love the bow neckline of your dress! I have a similar one in blue that is now a summer favorite of mine. Those green shoes (my favorite color) are perfect with your pretty shift dress!


  5. I can’t wear super high heels like I used to either, so I am loving the heel n those. And the green color is perfect with that cute dress!