My Weekly Workout + A K.Deer Fitness Leggings Giveaway!

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The only thing that has been keeping me motivated to work out lately has been cute workout apparel! I seriously look forward to going to the gym when I know that I have something really cute to wear, ?like these super fun leggings from K.Deer! Cute workout apparel (and sponsored swimsuit posts, lol) are really the only things getting me to the gym each week. Seriously though, it has been in the 90’s every day here in Georgia for the past couple of weeks so its been really tough to get myself to the gym daily.

As I have mentioned before, I used to be a Personal Trainer and even used to compete in fitness competitions (yes, don’t laugh!) and after having Bennett and working full-time, it has been really tough to find the time to work out and also accept that my body is not in the kind of shape that it used to be in. You all have been super nice to me on my Instagram account with so many nice things to say about my figure, that I really appreciate that. I have even been asked a few times about what I do for a workout and few people just this week asked me if I could do a post on my weekly workout routine. I laughed a little at that one, because there are definitely weeks that I only exercise a few times or make it to the gym once. ?However, if you are looking fora new strength training routine, I wanted to share what I have been doing lately when I do actually make it to the gym. Here is a full-body workout that I have been doing twice a week:

Squats on the squat rack with 10lb plates on each side 3×12

Deadlifts with 25lb dumbbells in each hand 3×12

Lat Pull-downs ( I dont remember how much..50lbs?) 3×12

Bicep curls with a 30lb curl bar 3×12

Tricep pushdowns on a cable 3×12

Chest flys with a double cable 3×12

Military Presses with 12lb dumbbells 3×12

Step ups on a bench holding 10-12lb dumbbells in each hand 3×12 on each leg (I hate these SO much but they are so good for your butt!)

Abductor Machine 80lbs 3×15

Adductor Machine 80lbs 3×15

I had a c-section with Bennett, so just this week I started doing abs again! I know that he is two years old, but I think that I had/have Diastis Recti (separation of the abdominal walls) and doing certain ab exercises (like a plank hold) can actually make it worse. When I do abs though, I only do two exercises ?for 3×15, twice a week. My favorite ab exercises are bicycles to hit your oblique muscles and then another exercise referred to as the “Captains Chair” where you sit on a chair or bench and extend your legs in and out.

And now for the best part, THE GIVEAWAY!! I have teamed up with K.Deer to give one lucky reader a $150 gift certificate to ?You will love their leggings! They are high-waisted for a flattering fit and they are really light feeling but still have the functional compression component feel to them. ?To enter, see Rafflecopter below:

Top | Leggings | Shoes | Sunglasses | Yoga Mat



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29 thoughts on “My Weekly Workout + A K.Deer Fitness Leggings Giveaway!

  1. Oh, I SO want ALL of the cute leggings but would probably (until I change my mind in 5 minutes) start with the Flirt print. Or maybe the Dream print. Uhhhhhgggg! lol Now if they could only get me moving too… #gottaworkonthat

  2. These are amazing!! ? I love the tri-, color blocked!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  3. I absolutely adore these shots!!! That jump shot is THE best!! Workouts keep me sane! Weeks that I don’t get them in just feel ‘off’, which really helps keep me in the routine.