The Perfect Diaper for Your Baby: The Huggies? Special Delivery? Diapers

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When you become a mom, you suddenly have to make a lot of important choices that you never had to make before. This includes ?the question, what kind of diaper should I use? There are several things to consider when making a diaper choice for your baby or toddler, but the choices can sometimes be overwhelming or confusing; especially for a first-time mom!

After having two babies, I can honestly say that our favorite brand of diapers has been the?Huggies? brand. I always get asked, “What brand of diapers was the best for a boy?” or “What brand of diapers was best for a girl?” and in my own personal experience, my answer has always been Huggies? for both genders. I was so happy to see that Huggies? recently launched their very own perfect diaper, ?the?Huggies? Special Delivery? collection. The Huggies? Special Delivery? diapers allow you to feel confident that you are providing the very best diaper for your baby and offers all the great performance qualities your baby needs: exceptional softness,?free of parabens and fragrances, and cute stylish designs on each diaper.


Huggies? Special Delivery? diapers are the softest, plant-based* diaper ever and provide up to 12 hours of leak protection to help keep your baby’s skin dry and comfortable. Its so important to me as a mom that I try to use products in our household that are hypoallergenic and have no harsh ingredients like these. The Huggies? Special Delivery? diapers are made with?plant-based* materials. One of my favorite features on the?Huggies? diapers is the wetness indicator, that helps you know when its times for a diaper change (instead of having to keep looking inside of their diaper, which can be super annoying!). The diapers come in sizes?Newborn (up to 10 lb.), 1 (up to 14 lb.), 2 (12-18 lb.), 3 (16-28 lb.), 4 (22-37 lb.), 5 (27+ lb.), 6 (35+ lb.).

You can find the Huggies? Special Delivery?diapers on the endcaps at your local Walmart or you can shop them directly here at! As always, thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog!

*23% by weight

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  1. It’s really incredible how FAR diapers have come over the years!! She’s such a cutie πŸ˜‰

    xx, Danielle