Primo Water Dispensers: Why Using Quality Water Is So Important For Your Family

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We all know how important the quality of our drinking water is when it comes to our family’s health, but it’s even more crucial when you’re mixing baby formula for your child and want to make sure you are using ?the safest water possible for them to consume. I stopped breastfeeding Sydney a few months ago, so we had to start giving her formula. I have always heard so many scary things about tap water and how it can be filled with heavy metals, bacteria and even parasites! ?Since we want to provide our baby with the safest water possible, we started buying individual gallons of Nursery Water to mix with her formula. After doing this for a few weeks, this soon became such a hassle! I was having to buy the gallons very frequently because we were going through them so quickly and even though we recycle, I felt bad for creating waste with all of those plastic water bottles! We decided that adding a First Steps Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Designed for Baby Formula would help eliminate the waste, provide our family and baby with healthy drinking water and make our life a whole lot easier! (GUESS WHAT?!! The First Steps Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Designed for Baby Formula is now on sale for $175!!(please note that my promo code at the end of this post cannot be combined with the sale promotion).

When we received our First Steps Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Designed for Baby Formula, it arrived with an empty water jug to fill. I couldn’t wait to start using our new water dispenser so I headed over to the Primo webpage to find out where the closest Self-Service Refill Station was to our house. There are actually two different Primo Water refill options; ?you can use a a refill station to fill your jug ?or you can take your empty jug to an exchange station. The Refill Station is where you refill your 3 or 5-gallon bottle and the Exchange option is where you exchange out your bottles for pre-filled ones. We had several Refill and Exchange locations nearby, but ended up going to a local Sprout Supermarket down the street to use the Refill Station there. When we arrived at the Refill Station, I couldn’t believe how inexpensive the water was! It cost us less than $2 to fill up our entire 5 gallon jug with water or you can fill any container of your choice for only 35 cents a gallon! If you are going to primarily use the Refill Station, I suggest you purchase a non-spill cap, which helps?make your refilling even experience easier!

So what makes Primo water different from tap water? Primo water actually goes through a multi-step purification process that includes reverse osmosis, unlike tap water which is untreated and can contain?chlorine and chlorine by-products, bacteria parasites, heavy metals (including lead and mercury), trace levels of pharmaceuticals and many more contaminants!

Primo Exchange and Refill Water are both purified through a water treatment process, but the Exchange water ?includes added filtration, mineral addition and ozonation (for safety and freshness).

Once we got our 5 gallon jug back home, it was time to hook it up to the dispenser and let it run its first sanitation cycle! Since you can load the water to the bottom of the dispenser (instead of trying to lift it up on top of it) it was super easy to add it to our dispenser.

The Primo First Steps Water Dispenser Designed for Baby Formula has made our life with a baby a whole lot easier! The dispenser provides?on-demand warm, ice-cold, and super hot water on the spot so you can prepare baby formula, beverages, and instant meals in seconds. One of my favorite things about this dispenser (besides its ability to help make a baby bottle in seconds!) is that it has a self-sanitizing feature. The self-sanitizing feature boils water in the warm water stainless steel reservoir to ensure quality water at all times. The dispenser even came with a magnetic tracking chart that sticks to the side and allows you to track your baby’s feeding schedule if you need to.

Also the dispenser has a safety feature for children; it has a?red child lock to prevent hot water dispensing accidentally and you can also turn off the hot water temperature control from the back of the unit for extra safety!

High quality water plays a very important role in our family and I am so glad we got the First Steps Water Dispenser to not only make feeding Sydney more convenient, but to also provide our entire family with purified drinking water. We no longer have to worry about putting safe water into our baby’s bottles and we no longer have to worry about warming up a bottle! Our new dispenser creates a perfectly warm bottle in seconds and in my opinion, that is ?priceless! (especially when you have to do those middle of the night feedings!) I really love our new dispenser ?and finding a way to provide purified and affordable water for everyone in my household is definitely a Win-Win in my book!

Did you know that adding a water dispenser to your kitchen/home results in families drinking 25% more water?

If you want to start your own purified drinking water journey, you can use code?WATERGOALS25 at check?to receive 25% off a dispenser, FREE fast shipping + a FREE coupon that will be mailed fora ?5-gallon bottle of Primo water and another will be in the box when delivered. ?You can shop all of the Primo water dispensers here.




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9 thoughts on “Primo Water Dispensers: Why Using Quality Water Is So Important For Your Family

  1. Love the matching dresses with your baby girl! Clean water is so important and this post just reminded me to drink more water today lol! And the last picture is just way too cute!

  2. I honestly love the idea of getting one of these. Right now, my husband and I just have a pitcher that we refill each day to keep us from buying water bottles, but a dispenser like this would make things easy – I could even keep it in my home office – and would have us drinking clean water and helping the environment. Love it!

    1. We had a pitcher when it was just the two of us, but I am so lazy that I never refilled it! (drove my husband nuts, lol!)