A Whole New Way to Shop at Bed Bath & Beyond

This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond, however all opinions expressed are my very own.

Bed Bath & Beyond has always been one of my favorite stores. Whenever I moved into a new apartment or new home, it was always the first store on my list to stop at so that I could stock up on all of the essentials. I also have so many fond memories of shopping there when I was in college when I needed items for my dorm room or school apartment. You also can’t beat the 20% coupons that come in the mail on a regular basis, am I right?!

?Last week I had the opportunity to check out the new renovations at one of our local Bed Bath & Beyond stores in my hometown of Alpharetta, GA. ? I was completely blown away by all of the new changes, new items, the overall feel of the store and just the whole shopping experience in itself. The store feels more open, brighter, more organized and with all of the new items they offer, it truly is a complete one-stop shop. If you haven’t had a chance to see the new store layout in person, ?this blog post will highlight some of the new areas, but you should definitely go check them out for yourself!

The Beverage Area

This was by far my new favorite area. In the beverage section, you are able to demo some of the most popular coffee makers on the market. Buying a new coffee maker can be completely overwhelming, so I loved that you could actually see how the machine works and even taste a cup of coffee that the machine brews before you make a purchase. ?We have a Keurig coffee maker at home, so when I saw the HUGE selection of K-cups that Bed Bath & Beyond had to offer, I was in heaven. ?Besides the enormous K-cup selection they have and the coffeemaker demo area, there is also a K-cups “try before you buy” area that allows you to brew yourself a cup and taste some of the most popular flavors! They also added a little table area with chairs nearby, which will now probably be marked as the “Husband Hangout” LOL.

Sleep Shop

Bed Bath & Beyond really stepped up their game in the bedding department, offering more variety, more modern brands (like the new sleek UGG bedding line) and offering more products in-store than they did before. One of my favorite parts was that on all the comforters, you could use the app on your phone (or have a store employee scan it) to scan the collection and it would pull up all of the pieces that belong to that collection online. From there you can order all of the pieces that are part of the collection and have them shipped directly to your house. I really liked that even if the store didn’t have all of the pieces, you could still get a feel for what the product quality was like in-store with their samples that were available on the floor.


Health and Beauty

This section of the store was HUGE and it literally looked like the inside of a drug store! They have everything from shampoo to the latest and greatest blow dryers, curling wands and hair straighteners! They also carry the Harmon? Face Values? brands which I have heard are not only more affordable, but are also great products when comparing them to name brand products.

Treasure Hunt & Seasonal Section

This new area ?had a total Homegoods-type feel as they offer one-of kind pieces of furniture, area rugs, and ?home decor items that were arranged by theme (as you can see below I was really digging the colorful llama decor) or by season. This area is also known as the “Treasure Hunt” area because the items here are one of kind items that are very unique. They also had several accent chairs and pieces that change every week and once the item or items are gone, they’re gone!

The Food Market Area

I really loved the food and market area towards the front of the store. They have international foods, seltzer water, pasta sauces, olive oil etc. that would be great to create a gift basket for someone. They also had a whole section with items to put together a gift basket of charcuterie boards and snacks that I thought would make a really great housewarming gift for someone!

I ended up purchasing several items from all of the different areas, and of course I couldn’t resist all the fun brightly colored pieces. I also stocked up on a ton of different K-Cup boxes and will definitely be back soon to try some new flavors. I am really loving the new store layout (seriously, its a totally different feel from the Bed Bath & Beyond we are so used to!) and can’t wait to go back now! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read my post!


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22 thoughts on “A Whole New Way to Shop at Bed Bath & Beyond

  1. Your blog is so colorful and fun, I love it! Everything just screams summertime happiness! It’s awesome to see BB&B is expanding!

  2. I LOVE BB&B! I have fond memories of going when I was growing up. They have one down near where my grandparents have a beach house and so whenever I go, no matter where it is, it always reminds me of Summer and the beach!

    1. Yes! Def stop by, the new updates are soooo much better! Only a few select stores have been updated though!

  3. It’s been years since I stepped in Bed, Bath & Beyond! I used to love shopping there in high school – but now that I’m married and in my own home, I’m thinking I need to take another trip there to see what they might have for where I’m at during this point of my life. Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Yes, the new updates are awesome! I am definitely going to be buying all of my k-cups here from now on!

  4. Loving the new store design!! BB&B has always been a favorite of mine. Have so many special memories going shopping there with my mom and then college dorm room shopping – so much fun!

    xo Laura Leigh