Springtime Trend: The Forever-Favorite Trench Coat

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Who is ready for some spring weather?!? These cold temps have gotten me a little down in the dumps lately, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel; April! I love April in Georgia, even though it does end up raining a lot (which is usually a blessing after you see all the yellow pollen that we get!) it gives me the perfect excuse to break out all of my colorful wellies and wear a cute trench coat.

I recently got this Chambray Polka dot trench coat from Banana Republic and even though it looks a little funny over my bump, I love wearing it! It’s the perfect “chambray” accessory for my colorful tops and dresses worn underneath, and its the perfect weight for Georgia springtime weather! I feel like every year, the trench coat is always trending, so I know that this classic, signature piece will never go out of style.

Speaking of the bump, I just hit 16 weeks this past Sunday, and my nausea has FINALLY improved (Hallelujah!!) but I did catch a cold, so I’m not sure if its because I’m too focused on my cold to notice the nausea or if it is really subsiding this time (I am hoping for the latter) If you are a pregnant Mama suffering from nausea, be sure to check out my last post with all my tips on trying to help ease nausea while pregnant. Here is a little bump update:

How many weeks? 16 weeks

How much weight have you gained? Around? 8 lbs.

Do you have any cravings? No major cravings yet, but I have been eating at Chickfila almost every single day and have been wanting sour gummy candies (like gummy peach rings!)

How are you sleeping? I did break out my pregnancy pillow a few weeks ago and I am so glad I did! I have this one from when I was pregnant with Bennett and recently purchased this jersey cotton cover for it, which is dreamy! Since I have to sleep on my side, my pregnancy pillow helps alleviate some of my hip pain from laying on on side. I do occasionally wake up at 3am randomly, but for the most part, I sleep pretty well (I’ll be happy when my cold/cough is gone too!)

Best moment this week? Feeling baby move for the first time this past weekend!

Miss anything? I do miss my dirty martinis, however I have been so sick that this hasn’t really bothered me that much! I also miss having the energy to workout. I’ve been doing these Tracy Anderson dvds at home when I can though!

Gender: It’s a girl!

Wearing maternity clothing yet? Some! During this pregnancy I popped right away, so I did break out the maternity jeans and recently my maternity underwear (there’s no shame in my granny panty game! These don’t look that cute, but they feel awesome on!)

Any names yet? We have picked a few, but there’s nothing that I really love yet!

Looking forward to: My 19 week ultrasound on April 17th. Praying for positive results with the anatomy scan and looking forward to seeing this baby girl on camera!

I hope wherever you are, you can see spring on the horizon! I know the northeast just got hit with some back to back snow storms, but I’m hoping because they came so late, the snow will be gone soon. We definitely need those April showers next month to help us out, so I am looking forward to those! Thanks for stopping by and reading my post.


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12 thoughts on “Springtime Trend: The Forever-Favorite Trench Coat

  1. Oh my goodness a polka-dotted trenchcoat? I am SO HERE FOR THIS. Instant add to cart! I love polka dot anything for Spring. Very cute how you’ve styled it here!

  2. Glad u are starting to feel better! Not looking forwards to the pollen covering everything but looking forward to a weekend without rain! Very cute trench!