9 Tips for Battling Pregnancy Nausea

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Hey y’all, its been a while, I know. I have to be completely honest and let you know that I’ve been struggling, BIG TIME. I started getting sick around 5 weeks during my pregnancy and here I am 1o weeks later and it still has not let up. When I hit 12 weeks, it seems like my sickness got worse. I’m puking and feeling nauseous all day long and the worst is at night. As you all know I work a full-time job from home and also take care of Bennett full-time, so things have been tough every day. These pictures were actually taken 4 weeks ago, as I haven’t even been able to make it to another photoshoot since I had these taken. I hate complaining and I am super grateful for this baby, but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you how bad these last 10 weeks have been. I really miss blogging and posting on social media, but right now I am doing all I can to just make it through each day. I know a lot of people are pregnant right now, so I thought I would share some anti-nausea tips with you all, in case anyone is struggling like I am . I am hoping that in the next few weeks things will get better and I can get back to being myself somewhat..

Here are a few tips that I came up with, and I would love to hear if you have any other tips I haven’t mentioned!

1.Eat bananas. Everyone talks about how you should eat the second you wake up in bed, before your feet hit the floor, and they are right. I have heard people suggest keeping crackers by your bedside, but I like to keep bananas! Asking me to eat crackers first thing in the morning when my mouth is already dry sounds horrible to me. I have always liked eating bananas, because they’re easy to eat and put a little food on your stomach. I do also keep some Saltines by the bed, to nibble on at night before I go to sleep.

2. Get Sea-Bands. I can’t say if these really work or not, but I have always noticed an improvement in my nausea when when I wear them. It might just be a placebo effect, but at this point I’ll take anything! I get the Sea-Band Mama Wrist-bands.

3. Ask for some Diclegis. I was on this medication with Bennett and am on it now. I didn’t really realize the power of this med until I went without it for a few days and and threw up non-stop. It’s pretty expensive and it is said that you can get the same effect by taking B6 and 1/2 a Unisom tab, but this has never worked for me.Be sure to ask your doctor about this!

4. Take some Flintstones. When I was pregnant with Bennett, a nurse told me I could stop taking my prenatals (in case they were making me sick) and take some Flintstones Kid vitamins instead. Apparently 2 Flintstones vitamins have the required nutrients a preggo mama needs.

5. Eat some ginger. The last thing I really want to do when I’m nauseous is drink or eat something gingery, but someone recommended these Peach Ginger candies and they do seem to really help.

6. Drink carbonated water. This seems to help when I am too nauseous to drink water, but I also feel like it can sometimes make me feel worse, especially in the evenings when my nausea peaks.

7. Consume carb-rich foods. These seem to be the only foods that will make me feel better, so some of my go-tos are: baked potatoes, bagels with cream cheese, waffles, pancakes and crackers with cheese or crackers with peanut butter.

8. Eat small meals often. I find that I feel a lot better when I am eating small meals every two hours. If I ever let my stomach get empty, then its game over for me.

9. Eat whatever you can. What I mean by this is just do the best you can. I know that you want to eat the healthiest foods for your baby, but sometimes when you’re really sick that’s not easy to do. Eat whatever makes you feel better and allows you to function. I remember when I was really sick with Bennett, everything repulsed me. The only thing I could even think about eating were turkey sandwiches (and we know we aren’t supposed to eat lunch meat while pregnant) so that’s what I ate. I eventually started adding spinach to them when I could stomach the idea, but just do the best you can!

This is my second pregnancy where I’ve had to deal with severe nausea, so if you ever need any advice (or want to commiserate) please reach out and send me a message! I know pregnancy isn’t easy for everyone, but hope some of these tips help you in the way they have helped me. Thanks for following along on my pregnancy journey, I really appreciate it!

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