Dress Obsessed: Colored Crushed Velvet

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So I have a confession. When I was younger, I used to HATE velvet. Something about the texture and feel of velvet always gave me the heebie jeebies (I just had to Google how to spell that, FYI). As an adult I have grown to love velvet, and I am so happy its trending this season. I recently found this crushed velvet dress on Jane a few weeks ago.? I love Jane and have been shopping with them for years, even before they changed their name from Very Jane.

If you have never heard of Jane before, let me tell you all about them! Jane is a boutique marketplace that offers deals for 72 hours for up to 80% off! They have everything from clothes, toys, electronics, home decor and more! I know there are similar discount boutique marketplaces out there, but Jane has always been my favorite. They always have the best selection of items and I find that their quality just doesn’t compare to some of the discounted marketplace boutiques that are out there.

Jane has so many cute holiday items right now and items that would make perfect stocking stuffers, that I plan to stock up on soon! I? also love that I can always see a preview of the next day’s items on and it keeps me coming back over and over (I’m so addicted). I also always follow along on their Instagram account to get a sneak peak of any new arrivals that go live at midnight pst! I often miss some of their amazing deals when they go live at midnight since its 3am here on the east coast, but have loved all the items that I am able to snag at amazing prices!

My crushed velvet dress is actually back on Jane again and it comes in 8 different colors! There are also some fabulous velvet pieces are on their website right now as well, so be sure to check them out soon, because they won’t last long!


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