Mission Accomplished: My Search For The Perfect Pair of Jeans

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Ok. I’m just going to go ahead and say it….I hate jeans. I probably haven’t liked them since I was in elementary or maybe even middle school. It’s that darn puberty that messed everything up, I swear!? Once I started to develop hips and my legs got bigger in high school, jeans were dead to me.

Lets start with the obvious reason I don’t like them: they’re restricting. There’s just something about squeezing my legs into a tight fabric that hardly moves that makes me uncomfortable. Not to mention the fact that when I sit down, any kind of excess skin (or make-believe stomach fat) hangs over the top of my jeans making me feel less than attractive. I have never liked the way jeans look on me, but I can’t escape them! I mean, what do I wear with this top? Jeans. What can I wear with this jacket? Jeans. JEANS ARE EVERYWHERE!

Although I’m not a huge fan, I still do wear them a lot.? I have always had a small waist and bigger legs. This makes it impossible for people like me to find a pair of jeans, because they are either too big in the waist or too tight on the thighs.? I feel like I have been searching for the perfect pair of jeans my whole life. After I had Bennett, none of my pants would stay up anymore and would sag in the crotch area after about an hour of wearing them. I couldn’t figure out what had changed! This made my quest for the perfect pair of denim even harder. I finally found an awesome pair of jeans last year at Banana Republic, but they discontinued them! I knew I should’ve bought several pairs as soon as I knew I liked them, gosh darn it!

I hate (I mean absolutely hate) trying on jeans at stores. If I was more confident in knowing that I would have luck with a pair of jeans, I probably wouldn’t mind it so much, and I NEVER buy jeans online, because I would have no clue what size/fit to get. Then I discovered Mott & Bow Denim.? The best part about Mott & Bow: they have a Home Try-on program! When you buy a pair of denim, you get to pick out a second waist size for free that they will send you to try on. You keep the one you like and send back the second pair for FREE. A company like this is a dream come true for girls like me.

I was nervous when choosing a size and style with Mott & Bow, but it actually only took me two pairs to figure out which ones fit me the best and felt the most comfortable. I ended up going with the Slim Boyfriend style and fell in love.? They are actually really soft and stretchy (but not too much that they stretch out after an hour of wear and are falling down) so I actually don’t mind wearing these at all. I paired them with my new velvet bomber jacket and actually love the whole look! What about you? Do you love/hate denim? Tell me I’m not the only one that hates them?!


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