10 Pre-workout Snacks To Help Keep You Fueled For A Workout

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Staying active and eating healthy has always been a priority in our family. My husband and I are both active people (and not to mention certified Personal Trainers!) so working out on a daily basis and fueling our bodies with nutritious foods has always been part of our lifestyle before and after we met. About two years ago when we moved from Boston to Georgia, my husband had to have a medical exam as a pre-screening for his new job. During the exam, the nurse was surprised to see that his blood glucose levels were 390 mg/dl (a normal range is 80-120 mg/dl) She told him to go buy a glucose meter and to check it later in the day as well as the following day to see if the numbers went down. My husband bought the meter and checked it the next day after a 12 hour fast and it read 271 mg/dl. He called the nurse from the pre-screening who then advised him to see an Endocrinologist immediately.

At the Endocrinology appointment, the doctor gave my husband a Type 1 diagnosis. Based on some lab work, it appeared that my husband’s glucose levels had been in the 300’s for at least the last three months, and we had no idea.   We were in complete shock. My husband was 35 years old when he received the diagnosis. The only signs my husband had noticed were that he had lost some weight and that he was constantly drinking water and sports drinks (which he chalked up to the Georgia heat, considering it was summertime and would run outside during the day or do some heavy workouts in the middle of the day). This now meant that my husband would have to take insulin four times a day, since his pancreas was no longer producing much.

Besides taking the insulin, we had to change his diet. My 6’6″ husband could no longer rely on unhealthy carbs to fill him up when he was hungry, so this took some time getting used to.  Working out was also a bit tricky since exercise can cause your blood glucose levels to drop. We all know that we need to eat carbohydrates to fuel up for exercise, but its especially important for people who are insulin-resistant to get the right amount or their glucose levels with be too high after they exercise. This can take some time to figure out, as each person is different, but its important to choose a snack that contains a moderate amount of protein and carbohydrate with a small amount of fat.  Here is a list of pre-workout snacks that fit that description and are great pre-workout choices for even the general population:

  1.  Apples and Peanut Butter
  2. Turkey and Grapes
  3.  Whole grain cereal with fat free milk
  4. A banana with almonds
  5. Blueberries with a 1/2  cup of Greek yogurt (sweetened with sugar substitutes)
  6. Sliced turkey with raw veggies and hummus
  7. 2 rice cakes with 2 TBS. of almond butter
  8. Cottage cheese with cucumbers and tomatoes
  9. Whole grain crackers, cheese and grapes
  10. Small bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and strawberries

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When my husband goes to work each day, I make sure that he takes several things with him since he usually does his workout on the way home. Besides his pre-workout snack,  he packs his glucose meter, his insulin, a fast-acting sugar and he also takes a daily vitamin packet. He takes the Nature Made? Daily Diabetes Health Pack which helps provide nutritional support for Diabetics. ? The Nature Made? Daily Diabetes Health Pack is a multivitamin and mineral supplement that provides essential vitamins and minerals for daily nutritional support; including fish oil with vitamin D3 to support a healthy heart?; vitamin D to support bone, teeth, muscle, and immune health?; magnesium to support healthy bones, and teeth, plus helps convert food to cellular energy?; vitamin C to help support the immune system?; alpha lipoic acid with green tea, which has antioxidant properties?; and chromium, which is necessary for carbohydrate metabolism and utilization, and supports healthy glucose metabolism?.

The Nature Made? Daily Diabetes Health Pack is convenient, super affordable and can be purchased from your local Sam’s Club store or online. Even if  you’re not a Sam’s club member, you can still order online (with a 10% fee added in).

*Vitamin packets are located in the Health/Wellness and Pharmacy section of Sam’s Club

I hope that you got some great pre-workout snack ideas from this post! Remember, its important to take care of your body both before and after a workout. Fueling yourself with the proper foods is going to maximize your workout efforts and help you live a healthy life!

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18 thoughts on “10 Pre-workout Snacks To Help Keep You Fueled For A Workout

  1. Your snack ideas are making me hungry now! Thanks for sharing about the health pack, I’ve taken Nature Made products before but had no idea they had one specifically for diabetes- thanks for sharing!

  2. I can’t imagine having to administer insulin shots 4x a day! One of our dogs is diabetic and he gets two shots per day! I think it’s amazing that Nature Valley has this Diabetes line, what a helpful little pack and so convenient!

    xo, Sara

  3. I need to try these! My husband and I are trying to start eating healthier. Diabetes runs in his family, and heart disease runs in mine. Gotta do what we can to stay healthy!