Striped Jumpsuit: The Perfect Romper Alternative



Jumpsuit, Shoes, Bag, Earrings: c/o Purple Peridot

When summer rolls around, I always admire all of the cute little rompers that I see in stores, but am easily disappointed knowing that I can’t wear any of them. Every time I try a romper on, its always way too short on me. I’m not that tall (I’m 5’6″) but apparently I have a log torso or something, because they all ride up and look ridiculously short on me. I think I have three rompers in my closet and even those are almost borderline inappropriate on me.

Because of this issue, I have learned to set up my eyes upon adorable little jumpsuits instead! When I saw all of the colors in this one (and that it even was an Off-the-shoulder) I completely fell in love! Sometimes I have issues with the pants portion riding up (there’s really no nice way of saying crotch, lol) but I never have to worry about the pants being too short!

I loved that this jumpsuit was affordable has all of these drool-worthy colors on it. Also the jumpsuit is called the “Sarah” so I think it was definitely made for me! I paired my new pink sandals with it and even added this little mini bag to my look. Have you seen all of these mini bags that are only $20?? They come in a variety of different colors and even an adorable gingham print! I think the gingham will definitely be my next purchase.? I have linked up some of my favorite jumpsuits below for your convenience. I haven’t tried all of these on, but the ones I have tried on were ok for a girl with a long torso like myself. I am really loving the seersucker one and that embroidered jumpsuit! I tried the seersucker one on a few weeks ago and didn’t buy it. Now I really wish I had, because it would be perfect to wear to any outdoor events this spring and summer! Which one is your favorite?



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23 thoughts on “Striped Jumpsuit: The Perfect Romper Alternative

  1. That is one of the cutest jumpsuits I have seen! I love how you paired it with pink accessories too!

  2. That jumpsuit is gorgeous on you! I have the same problem with rompers being 5’9. I only have 2 that I can get away with wearing (mainly at the beach) I will have to keep an eye out for these!

  3. I have that same problem at being 5’2. I have a long torso and it’s hard to find one that actually fits correctly….I just wonder who these models are for the companies that make these pieces? This looks fab on you! I love the hot pink heels!