Colorful Favorites with Vineyard Vines

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Dress: c/o Vineyard Vines, Shoes, Sunnies

Hey there! I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend! Since I’m a teacher, I will be be proctoring Georgia state testing for the next two weeks. Its not very exciting, but I am looking forward to a little change-up in my daily routine. There is nothing better when a super preppy brand like Vineyard Vines makes clothes in bright, fun and even neon colors! I have always loved Vineyard Vines, but ever since they started adding neon colors to their line (be still my heart!) I have fallen deeper in love with their collection. When I first started blogging several years ago, I found this amazing patchwork dress and posted it on my blog. They now have a similar dress in their Kentucky Derby line that you can see here! I also bought their neon pink gingham dress last year and it has remained one of my favorite pieces that they have ever created.

The dress I’m wearing is perfect if you like to play tennis or golf, but I don’t typically play either one of those. I am constantly on the go though, so its great to just slip on this athletic dress and run around town. Its made with a moisture-wicking pique so its perfect for running around in the hot Georgia weather! I paired it with my new favorite gingham shoes (that are behind comfortable, by the way and are currently 25% off with code “HOPTOIT”) and have even worn it with a jean jacket when the weather was a little bit cooler.

Their newest spring line and their special Kentucky Derby collection that is currently out is just to die for! I seriously want everything they have right now! I just bought a beaded neon yellow necklace and pair of earrings that I can’t wait to get in the mail! Anyways, I have linked up some of my favorite VV items below in case you want to check them out!


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