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Dress: c/o Banana Republic, Coat: Kate Spade (old), Shoes: c/o Banana Republic

I don’t know about y’all, but I am definitely ready for spring. I have been posting lots of brights over on my Instagram feed lately, because I am dying for my colorful spring and summer wardrobe. I have decided that you don’t have to wait to start wearing all of those beautiful brights, you can start wearing them right now. You can?start incorporating bold colors, patterns and styles into your winter wardrobe to help carry and transition your closet into Spring!

If you haven’t seen all of the new spring arrivals in stores yet, they are coming!! Since I live in the south, spring is right around the corner for us (I mean, we have trees and flowers blooming already!)When I lived up in Boston, spring really didn’t start until May! So whether you live in the northern or southern part of the continent, I want to give you 5 pieces that will help you transition into Spring (whether its a month away or 3 months away!) so here they are:


  1. A bell-sleeved top: Ruffles and bell sleeves are everywhere right now. The great thing about these tops is that they can be worn underneath something, but also?look great?alone. For now, you can get one and wear it underneath a sweater or jacket and let those adorable little sleeves peek out. Once it starts to get warmer outside, you have a cute bell-sleeved top to wear on its own!
  2. ?A floral scarf: Nothing says spring like a floral print, so start incorporating those floral details into all of your winter outfits now. You don’t have to wait until there are actual flowers on the trees to do this! ?You can add in a floral scarf, shoe, bag etc. to any winter ensemble to add a little spring detail.
  3. A printed pant:?Printed pants are an awesome way to transition into spring. You could wear a bold patterned pant with a blouse, sweater and jacket and still be warm! Once spring kicks in, you can wear a thin blouse or tee with the pants instead!
  4. A Trench Coat:?A trench coat is perfect for wearing over several layers if you need to still be somewhat on the warm side. For those of us down south, we love a good trench coat to wear on all of the upcoming rainy days!
  5. Pops of pink:?Start adding in some bright colors to your wardrobe. ?Banana Republic has some really fun colored sweaters, blazers, dresses etc. right now that are perfect for transitioning into the spring with. When I saw this hot pink shirt dress, I knew I had to have it. If you need warmer pieces, they have a hot pink sweater and a dark pink blazer that would be perfect!

I love my winter clothes, but by time February rolls around, I am ready to get rid of them! Not only does adding subtle spring-ish items to your wardrobe help you transition into the season, but it also might even improve your mood. I know when I wear bright colors, I feel a lot happier! What’s your favorite transitional item for spring? I would love to hear your thoughts!



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  1. This outfit is amazing on you! I love the stripes against the bright pink. And, I totally agree with your list. I am loving the bell sleeves trend!