Livin’ That Mom Life

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T-shirts: c/o The Life Brandd, ?my boots: c/o Joules, My Jeans, Bennett’s shoes

Today was my birthday (I wont tell you how old I am and will just let you keep thinking I’m 22, LOL) and my shirt was definitely a reminder that I am now a mom and my birthday celebrations are a little bit different these days. I originally planned on getting a babysitter tonight and pictured my husband and I going on a romantic dinner date ALONE. The whole babysitter thing didn’t quite pan out and my husband got called into work tonight, so we decided to change plans. ?Even though I didn’t get to go to a fancy dinner tonight (and wear my new pink dress that I had planned on wearing) I had a wonderful day with my two boys.

This morning we drove to Atlanta and had breakfast at the West Egg, got cupcakes at Georgetown cupcakes and then went to Kendra Scott where my husband bought me a new necklace. (Did y’all know that you get 50% off an item during your birthday month?!) I had a massage in the afternoon and then took Bennett to my parents house for dinner where I got to see my niece and nephew. The evening ended chaotically with all three kids running around, but I loved every minute of it. I had such wonderful birth “day” and wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t get me wrong a nice evening out alone will be great this weekend, but I thoroughly enjoyed today. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life that care about me and remembered me today. I know life can get busy, but I am truly grateful for every text, dm, Facebook message, phone call and card that I received today. Thank you everyone for making me feel so special.


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2 thoughts on “Livin’ That Mom Life

  1. Many Many Happy returns of the Day!!!! ??Sending lots and lots of best wishes your way?? and ahh you guys looks so cute in those tshirts?? adorable two??