10 Places To Take Your Toddlers to Roam Free

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Vest, Jeans, Sunglasses, Boots, Shirt

Bennett: Hat, Sweater, Leggings, Shoes: c/o Pedipeds

I really wish I could have taken a video of this photoshoot. Bennett wants nothing to do with the camera these days and just wants to go go go! If I had taken live footage of this particular shoot, you would have seen him squirming out of my arms, ripping his hat off and taking off in the opposite direction of us, without even looking back. I have a busy 20 month old toddler who is constantly on the go, but most of the time we are at the house playing since I work from home. I try to take him out to places where he can walk around safely and allow me to give him a little bit of freedom. Here are a few places that I have come up with so far:

1.) Our local library-we haven’t gone to a story time yet, because I don’t think Bennett will sit still, but he definitely loves running around and looking at the books!

2.) A Barnes and Noble Bookstore-especially early in the morning on a weekday, bonus for Moms because they have a Starbucks!

3.) A rail trail or paved path

4.) The mall before it opens -Our mall also has a train that goes around the mall and a carousel in the food court if we decide to stay.

5.)An empty tennis court-yes this sounds strange, but its great for a toddler under two. You can close the gate, let them walk around and find any leftover tennis balls. Bennett loves the freedom.

6.) A turf football field -If you can find one, these are great. You don’t have to worry about your toddler getting muddy or them tripping on uneven surfaces/holes in the ground.

7.)A museum, aquarium or zoo early on a weekday

8.) The YMCA or any other place with an indoor pool-obviously this isn’t for running around, but thought I would throw in the idea of ?indoor swimming with your toddler, especially during the winter.

9.)A Botanical Garden or Conservatory (if you are lucky enough to have one in your area)

10.) An Ikea store-I have to admit, the idea of this at first made me a little bit nervous, but you need to go on a weekday and take your tot to the kids section. They have little play areas/toys set up for kids!

I am a first time mom, so you might have already thought about some of these places or currently take your children to the spots that I mentioned, but I just wanted to share what I am learning as I go. I would love to hear your suggestions for any other places I might not have mentioned. Please comment below and share with me where you like to take your toddler to roam free!


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