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I am so happy that bomber jackets are back in style! I have been so obsessed lately with floral, sequin, military green and even letterman jacket-style bombers. Today I have rounded up some of my favorite bomber jackets in all different styles and price ranges. I think my next purchase is going to be the velvet bomber jacket that I added to this collection. It is so gorgeous in that dark green color!

I found this floral bomber jacket for less than $35 and love how thick and warm it is, especially for the price! Since I seem to be so crazy about mixed prints these days, ?I have been pairing it with a lot of stripes lately. I even wore it with a black and white stripe dress with leggings and booties the other day and really liked not having to wear pants with it. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that I wore it with a black peplum top and my striped rain boots from Joules. I think that I need to chill out on a bit with the stripes, so I might even try to wear it with some black and white polka dots or maybe even some plaid. I was deemed the “Buffalo Plaid Queen” the other day by one of my friends, so I might need to find some new patterns to mix.

I even have my 20 month old son wearing the bomber jacket trend. I posted a photo of him the other day wearing the cutest aviator jacket from Little Me. So what about you? Have you bought a bomber jacket yet this season? Take a look below at some of the jackets that I linked and let me know which one is your favorite! I would love to know which ones you like!


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