Holiday Card Displays You’ll Want To Use This Season

One of my favorite parts of?the holiday season?are the dozens of?holiday cards that show up in?my mailbox each day. I?love getting a good holiday card, especially one that includes an updated?picture of family members or friends.?In my house growing up, we had a large stuffed Santa Claus holding a mail bag that we displayed near our front door. Any time?we would get a holiday card, it would go inside Santa’s bag. It was a great place to collect all that holiday mail, but it didn’t really showcase all of the wonderful cards and pictures people were sending (and spending lots of money on). It always makes me sad once the holidays are over and I have to get rid of all those beautiful cards. For the short time I ?do have them in my possession, I want them to be displayed so that I can enjoy them.?Today I wanted to share with you 8 ways to creatively display all of those gorgeous holiday greeting cards. I have rounded up my favorite displays below:

Vintage Ski Card Display

I love this display because it incorporates skis into your winter decor. I think this would be adorable with a pair of old fashioned wooden snowshoes too! ?You could also keep this display out all winter long and change out the cards with your own family photos once the holidays are over!


2. Chicken Wire and Wreath Display

I love a vintage feel to home decor and love the country feel of this framed chicken wire display.


3. Turn it into a Book

If you don’t have the wall space in your house to display your cards, these flashback books would be great to make as a yearly keepsake. I love that every year you can take these out and ?see how people have changed over the years!



4. Garland

again, wall space is an issue, why not transform one of your doorways? Add some garland and pin up those cards! I also like the idea of using the doorway to the kitchen (where everyone gathers for the holidays) to display the garland and cards.


5. Shutter Display

Another display idea that I really liked was using a shutter. You can purchase an unfinished shutter for pretty cheap at your local hardware store and spray paint it any color you like!


6. Cork Tree

I didn’t find a tutorial for this cork tree, but I did see some for sale on Etsy. If you’re feeling crafty, whip out that glue gun and get crackin!?All of those wine corks you’ve been saving will finally come in handy!


7. Photo Garland Stair or Mantle Display

If you have a lot of cards to display and a big set of stairs in your house, why not use them? Adding cards to a piece of garland looks gorgeous! If you have garland on your mantle, you could add them there as well.


8. Christmas Tree

If you are looking to incorporate some holiday decor onto your walls, another cute idea is this washi tape tree. The best part about this display is that it leaves you with a TON of room to post all of those cards!


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  1. Beautiful and so creative ways to hold on those beautiful cards for a bit longer?? love the chicken wire and Christmas tree??