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Shirt, Jeans, Bow flats,? and Boots all c/o Banana Republic, Vest, Sunnies

Hey there, thanks for stopping by today! I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend! I just got home from a Bachelorette party in New York City this weekend and I am exhausted. I had an absolute blast this weekend, but am happy to be back home in the ATL with the 70 degree weather. It was definitely fall in the Big Apple this weekend and I was excited to finally get a chance to wear all my fall clothes that have just been sitting in my closet back home.

I got this gorgeous Dillon-Fit Plaid Blouse from Banana Republic that has lavender, chartreuse and navy stripes running through it. Once I had this top in my hand, I spotted these Ambrell Bow Flats that I thought would add the perfect pop of color to this outfit. I also saw these yellow flats that I thought would look great too, so I had a hard time deciding which ones to get. Since I am a sucker for bows, I went with the purple bow flats. Banana Republic seriously has some of the cutest shoes right now (including a pair of burgundy velvet flats that I have been crushing on!) but I also saw these Canton Boots and fell in love.? These boots also come in an olive and black color, but I went with the nutmeg color instead. I don’t typically wear flats, but since having Bennett, my days of wearing heels (or boots with heels) are few and far between these days so I decided to get both the boots and the flats. Even though the boots have a little bit of a heel, they are surprisingly comfortable! I wanted to show you all this outfit with both pairs of shoes because they both looked so cute together.

I was also really impressed with Banana Republic’s jean selection! I have always had the hardest time finding jeans that fit me properly. I have a small waist and thicker legs, so sometimes skinny jeans don’t really fit me in a flattering way. I tried on BR’s straight leg jeans and the fit was amazing! They are a mid-rise jean that have a straight leg pant at the bottom. These jeans balanced out my figure a little bit better than the skinny jeans did. So if you have a hard time finding jeans like I do, I highly suggest you check out BR’s denim collection!

See some items you wanna add to your closet? Well, you are in luck, because today is the last day of the Banana Republic Friends and Family event! Take 40% off of regular-priced items with code, “BRFAMILY” at checkout. Happy shopping!


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