Amazon Halloween Costumes Under $40

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Halloween is almost here y’all, can you believe it? 2020 has seemed to fly by and go so slow all at the same time! It seems like just yesterday that COVID took over our world, it is funny to look back and laugh at how we all thought it would just disappear within a few weeks, HA! Now fall is finally here, the leaves are changing and the spooky season has almost come and gone. Before we know it, Christmas will have come and gone and the New Year will be in full swing! Speaking of Holiday’s, make sure you check back for my Holiday gift guides coming soon!

If you have been in denial about the Holiday season upon us, don’t worry-you’re not alone. Lucky for you, I have put together a list of Halloween costumes that can all be found on Amazon! There are some great couples costumes for those of you attending any Halloween parties this year (socially distanced-of course!) And of course I included some costumes for the kids that are just too cute! I have highlighted just a few of my personal favorites here. So, for a full list of all the Amazon Halloween Costumes I love, click here to shop my Amazon Shop. I hope you all have a great Halloween this year and stay safe, enjoy!!

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Couples and Group Costumes

Chicken ‘N Waffles / Potato Heads / / Soap and Loofa / Dodgeball / Skeleton / 3 Pigs / Rock-Paper-Scissors / Toothbrush and Toothpaste / Tacky Tourists

Children’s Costumes

The Flash / Rockford Peach Baseball Uniform / Princess Anna / ‘Lil Piggy / Buzz Lightyear / Witch / Rey / T-Rex / Darth Vader / Groot / Robot / Unicorn / Olaf / Sonic the Hedgehog / Princess Elsa / Lady Bug / Minnie Mouse / Mario / Milk ‘N Cookies / PB&J

Men’s Costumes

Lt Dangle / Beetlejuice / Maui / Mr. Incredible / Trump / Topgun / Jedi / Prince Charming / Where’s Waldo

Women’s Costumes

Batgirl / Snow White / Wonder Woman / Pretty Woman / Moana / Popcorn / Top Gun / Cinderella / Skeleton

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18 thoughts on “Amazon Halloween Costumes Under $40

  1. Some of these are really fun. I gotta admit that I’m envious of the kid choices haha! I usually like those better than adult costumes, if I’m honest.

  2. Love all these choices! So fun! I hope we have somewhere to go. My kids are begging to trick or treat so they will definitely be dressing up even if we have our own home party.