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Cobbler’s Hammer Bench Wooden Toy: c/o Little Sapling Toys

Toddler Thursdays with Little Sapling Toys

?Hey everyone! ?Each week I?will be?featuring a toddler product on my blog. Today I want to tell you about a company called Little Sapling Toys?.

Wooden Teethers

I first heard about LST?when a friend of mine bought her daughter a?Guitar Wood Teether. I thought it was a bit strange to be giving a baby a wooden toy to chew on (this was before I had Bennett) and decided I should look into it further. After looking up the company,?I discovered that these toys were?made from Hard Rock Maple, a non-splintering and naturally anti-bacterial wood. ?These teethers are also non-toxic, non-allergenic and are great for soothing baby’s gums. What a fantastic idea! I never thought about how great of a product wood could actually be for a baby.

Wooden Toys

Bennett is still definitely teething, but these days he is a busy busy toddler. If you read my last post about toys, you will know that I am constantly on the hunt for toys that will keep his interest. I decided to try out this Cobbler’s Hammer Bench from Little Sapling Toys. I remember having one of these as a kid and thought this would be great for Bennett. The site says that this toy is suitable for all ages, but is developmentally suited for ages 2-6. I figured Bennett could try this out, and if it was too advanced, he could just grow into it. ?I also really liked the idea that using a hammer to pound down the pegs would help develop his motor skills.

When I first gave this toy to Bennett, the first thing he wanted to do was to try and take the pegs out with his hands. I showed him how to pound down the pegs with the hammer and then let him try it. He thought this was greatest thing ever! He had the biggest smile on his face while he pounded away (even though he wasn’t necessarily hitting the pegs each time) He is starting to get better with practice, but I think he will appreciate this toy a little bit more in a few more months. Right now he will pound a few times, take the pegs out and put the hammer in his mouth. ?My 3 year old niece came over the other day and had an absolute ball with this toy. She would hammer in the wooden pegs and then flip it over and do it again!

Quality and Craftsmanship

I am?really amazed at the craftsmanship that was was put into this toy. The quality is?really exquisite and I feel completely comfortable?allowing Bennett to put the?wooden pieces in his mouth. ?You can actually see this toy being made in this video, which I thought was pretty cool! ?I think another great feature of Little Sapling Toys is their personalization option. You can have your child’s name engraved on any of their toys for free! And if you’re not already impressed like I am, LST plants a tree for each toy that is sold. When you buy from Little Sapling Toys, you aren’t just getting a wonderful toy, you are also supporting local green power! ?If your’e looking for a great gift idea that will be treasured for years, definitely go check them out!


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