Rain or Shine

I have never minded April showers, in fact when I was living in New England, I welcomed them. It always meant that it would rain a ton, and all that rain would wash away the grey, dirty snow and sand left behind from the extra long winters. That also meant that spring was coming and you would start to see things turn green again. Here in Georgia, April showers usually mean washing away all that yellow pollen that has everyone’s allergies on fire. So whether its April showers to wash away snow or pollen, I don’t mind them at all (and it actually gives me an opportunity to wear all my different colored rainboots!) 
When I saw this top, I thought it would be so cute to wear for the spring. I paired it with my flared jeans to help my legs look a little longer. I have worn this top several times already and even paired them with my jade Hunter boots that I love so much. I can’t believe there are only a few weeks left of April already. I am really looking forward to May, because that will mean I have one more month of school left! I can’t wait to spend every day with my baby boy. Below I have linked up some of my favorite rain items!

 photo sig_zpsa0ee1fe2.jpg

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