My Mother’s Promise

Before we had Bennett, my husband and I talked a lot about if we were ready financially (and mentally!) to have a baby. Every parent wants to be able to provide for their children, but when are you really ready? To be honest, my husband and I both have student loans we are paying for and the monthly payments are pretty hefty. Ready or not, I knew that as soon as Bennett was born, I wanted to start saving for his college education. 

My #MothersPromise to my son is that I will save for your college education and support you in whatever you want to do with your life. I don’t think that everyone is meant to go to college after they finish high school. I want Bennett to pursue whatever he is passionate about, and if it doesn’t happen to be going to college right away (or at all) I promise to support that. 

Although Bennett was born a Georgia Bulldog fan (naturally, since his mama and extended family went there) I want him to choose a school that he really wants to go to (as long as it isnt too far from his Mama), but wouldn’t be too upset if he ended up following in my footsteps and going to the University of Georgia!

Besides saving for a college education and supporting my baby boy’s dreams, I promise to care for his health and well-being. Besides feeding you healthy, organic foods, your father and I will encourage you to be active and participate in activities that not only make you healthy, but also make you happy. 

Another way I can do this, is by using Pampers Premium diapers. Since you were born, Pampers has always been a brand that I can trust. I know that when you are wearing Pampers, you will be dry and surrounded by materials that are safe for your skin. It also gives me a peace of mind to know when you’re not in my care that you won’t be wearing a leaking diaper that irritates your adorable little bum! 

Pampers Premium Diapers come with a Mother’s Promise toolkit to help keep your #MothersPromise always in sight. A Mothers Promise card, a baby journal and diaper travel case are a nice bonus in addition to such great diapers. You can purchase your own Pampers Premium Diapers here!
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This post was sponsored by Pampers, but all opinions are my own.  

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