Dr. Brown’s Product Review and Giveaway

I was lucky enough to be sent some of Dr. Brown’s baby products before I gave birth to Bennett. I was overwhelmed with how many products they made besides bottles, and after 2 weeks of being a new mom, I was finally able to put these products to the test!

We don’t have a dishwasher (we live in a small lake house), so this was great to have. Before Bennett was born, I sterilized all of Bennett’s bottles using this sterilizer. I was able to sterilize 6 bottles at a time, and there is also a compartment for all the bottle parts as well. Its operated by one button and takes approximately 12 minutes to run through a sterilization cycle. 

We were given the Philip AVENT Soothie Pacifiers in the hospital, and Bennett really likes them, however they fall out very easily. These PreVent pacifiers are the only ones I have that Bennett can actually keep in his mouth for a decent amount of time. These pacifiers have a suction-free air channel that helps prevent dental issues and palatial pressure.

I received these bottles in the 4 oz and 8 oz size. I am nursing Bennett, so I figured I wouldn’t need bottles for a while, but I actually needed them sooner than I thought. Due to some poor latching issues, I was forced to pump on my right side and therefore use bottles temporarily. The best part about these bottles is that they have an internal vent system. Because of this, there are a lot of pieces involved, but it is completely worth it since it reduces the chances of colic, gas, spit-up and burping. These bottles were actually made to mimic breastfeeding, which made me feel a little bit better about using them while I was nursing.

Holy breast pads! I had no idea I would be using these things so much! I learned very quickly (after soaking through several of my shirts) how important these babies are! They have adhesive on the back so that they stay in place and they absorb a TON of moisture. I do want to try their washable breast pads, as I hear they are EVEN MORE comfortable then the disposable ones. 

I started out storing my breast milk in plastic tubes with caps, but found that it took a long time to warm them up in a hot water bath because the plastic was too thick. I switched over to using these bags and was able to warm them up in about 30-60 seconds (super important when you have a screaming newborn who is hungry!) These are also great for the freezer. They are BPA-free, they stand up in the freezer and have double zip seals to make sure there are no leaks. 

I love this pillow! I even brought it with me in the hospital. I also have a Boppy, but I like this one a lot better. It has an angled design that allows you to do more positions with your baby then regular, flat nursing pillows allow you to do. This pillow is super plush and has adorable, embroidered covers to choose from that are machine washable (mine is blue with little elephants on it!)

When I first saw these, I thought I would never use them. I didn’t think about it, but these are actually great to have when you drop pacifiers on the ground. I obviously like to sterilize my pacifiers when I have the option, but these have been great when I have dropped them and needed a quick fix. 
I am super happy with all of the Dr. Brown’s products that I have and will definitely be ordering more of them. All of the products I tried exceeded their remarkable reputation.  Dr. Brown’s is actually giving away some of their products to one lucky reader! Winner will receive two 4 ounce standard bottles, two 8 ounce standard bottles, a Gia Nursing Pillow, Pre-Vent and silicone pacifiers and all 3 of their Healthy Wipes (Tooth and Gum Wipes, Pacifier and Bottle Wipes, and Nose and Face Wipes)
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**This post was NOT paid for by Handi-craft (Dr. Brown’s), and all opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. I agree with you as I have the same thoughts about the Pacifiers and Bottle Wipes. They can come in so handy and specially when you are out and there is a public bathroom but it looks very unclean. I have never tried the bottles but they look interesting.