Maternity Must haves

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I have been pregnant now for 6 months and on this crazy journey so far, I have come across some of my favorite maternity items that I don’t know if I could live without. 
Bras: Your chest starts changing right away. This was one of the things I noticed right off the bat. I started wearing sports bras every single day, because I just couldn’t handle all the changes. After constantly washing all my sports bras and getting tired of the straps showing on some of my outfits, I decided to invest in a real bra (sort of). This bra from Target is comfortable, cute and can definitely be slept in!
Pregnancy Pillows: I started off kind of early with the Snoogle pillow, which is great for hip, back and knee support while sleeping, however I didn’t feel like it supported my growing belly very well. I decided to invest in a small Boppy wedge pillow and I use this every night in combination with my Snoogle.
Maternity Pajamas: Do you know how depressing it is, when your oversized pajamas no longer fit you? Once I decided to invest in some maternity pajamas, I no longer had to cry at the thought of my pajama pants and tops feeling skin tight.
Workout Clothes: This was something that I had to invest in right away. The first thing I bought were these roll down Wunder Unders. Early on I would roll the waistband up for support and now roll them down as my belly keeps growing. These are great for wearing as every day leggings as well. I also invested in a few oversized workout tops from Old Navy. They were inexpensive and made me feel so much more comfortable in my Barre classes. 
Maternity Jeans: After 6 months of wearing leggings every day, I decided I should probably get some jeans. I invested in a pair of full panel maternity jeans from both Gap and Old Navy and they both barely feel like I am wearing jeans. I really like the full panel ones because they help keep them from falling down and also give my belly some support.
Maxi Dress and Scarf: As I am getting bigger, nothing sounds more comfortable to me than to throw on a jersey knit maxi dress. I loved this idea, but had to come up with a few ways to make this look a little warmer while living up here in New England. I added some of my favorite blanket scarves from Purple Peridot (great prices and super cute patterns!) and added my fleece lined leggings as well.  On really cold days I add a cardigan and it keeps me feeling pretty supported, covered and warm all at the same time. 

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