Mama Bear

Sweater: ASOS Maternity, Jeans: Old Navy, Earrings: Kate Spade, Boots: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Versace
Happy MLK Day! It feels so good to be back to blogging, but I have to admit, its been quite the challenge lately. Its been tough to motivate myself to take pictures and put outfits together when I have been feeling so crappy, but I am starting to feel a little bit better (and bigger!) these days. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to blog in the winter here either. When I took these pics, it was actually 17 degrees out! Luckily the sun was out, so it wasn’t too bad to be outside for a short amount of time. Last week my bump got bigger, so I made it my mission to buy myself some new maternity clothes that didn’t make me feel so huge. I finally invested in my first pair of maternity jeans and also got a bunch of cute sweaters, including this Mama and Baby Bear sweater from ASOS Maternity. I am off from school today and am grateful for people like Martin Luther King Jr. who gave me the ability to have the day off from school. I hope whether you are working or not, that you have a great Monday!

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One thought on “Mama Bear

  1. Sorry to hear you have been feeling so crummy. I totally relate. I hope it is getting better for you. I would never be able to tell that you don't feel well – you look so cute!! Enjoy the sunshine!! Susan