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Pants: Gap, Sweater: Old Navy, Chambray Shirt: Old Navy, Vest: Lands End, Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft, similar here, Boots: Aerosoles, Clutch: Sew Sarah R

It’s President’s Day, so that can only mean one thing for teachers in Massachusetts, Mid-Winter Break! Being from the south, we never used to have a Mid-Winter Break, and now after living in New England for 8 years, I now I understand how vital this break is. Everyone always says to me “Wouldn’t you rather not have Mid-Winter Break and just get out earlier?” My answer is always the same: “No, I’d rather have it now, because the winter is long in New England and we definitely need a mental break, it helps break up this long and monotonous winter. I am definitely looking forward to the days that I will no longer have to walk through a foot of snow to take pictures or the day where I can actually wear something other than boots!

I decided to try to show my Patriotism in this post and included one of my handmade red chevron clutches as well. In honor of Mid-Winter Break, I mean President’s Day you can use code: PREZ14 for 20% off at checkout in my Etsy shop.
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