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There is just something about lace that I just absolutely adore. I enjoy?wearing lace all season long and when I saw this cream-colored lace dress with a Peter Pan collar (also trending right now) I thought it would be perfect for my fall visit to Chateau Elan Winery and Resort (more about?my visit coming soon!) Plus, I just purchased these burgundy heels that I have been dying to wear and thought they would look fantastic with this dress. I bought these shoes because I have been wanting a pair of wine-colored heels for the fall and these were the perfect height. I adore a good kitten heel and found these to be just the right height for me.

I also recently bought this Handbag and have been using it a ton lately. I used a Kate Spade cross body bag all summer long that was similar in size to this one that I really loved. I have always been a handbag/tote type of girl but after having Bennett it became too much to lug around along with a baby bag. A cross body bag is great because I can put my wallet and phone in it, throw it over my shoulder and have free hands to shop, push a stroller or hold a baby with. (not to mention the burgundy color goes perfectly with my new shoes and all my fall apparel!)

How do you feel about Peter Pan collars? I’m usually not a fan, but I really like that this one has a tied bow that eases you into?the collar a little bit. Peter Pan collars are really trending for the fall season, so maybe I will venture out and buy a few more tops that have a similar neckline. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, this week seems to just be flying by!


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