Off-Shoulder Boho






?Dress: Target, Shoes: Target, Necklace: c/o Wiesner Products made for Free People, Sunglasses
?I have been trying to channel my inner “Bohemian Child” lately, as this seems to be whats in style for now. It’s obvious that Off-the-shoulder looks are all the rage right now, so combining these two trends was a no brainer for me.
I got this Free People necklace and it definitely helped inspire this outfit. I love how its double layered with a longer section featuring some fringe detailing. Chokers are now back in style (I guess its true that fashion is constantly repeating itself)
and this necklace has an adjustable choker section as well.
I know that life has to go on each day, but I can’t help but feeling silly for talking about fashion today ?after the Orlando mass shooting yesterday. I watched the latest updates this morning on CNN and cried watching the devastation that has been
left in Orlando. I can’t help but feeling angry and violated. I remember feeling this way when I was living up in New England when the Boston Marathon bombings occurred. How could this happen? I don’t know the answer, so for now I have to hold tight
to my faith in God and just pray. My heart truly goes out to all the people who know and love every single one of those people that innocently lost their lives yesterday.

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2 thoughts on “Off-Shoulder Boho

  1. Thank you, Shelbee! The past two weeks have been horrible! I have been trying to remain positive, but it is so hard! Thanks for your sweet comments! Xo