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Dress, Shoes, Bracelet: c/o Purple Peridot, Nursing Cover/Scarf/Carrier Cover c/o Covered Goods
When I first had Bennett, the pollen in New England was out of control. Being the first-time over protective mother that I am, I kept his carrier covered anytime it was exposed when I had to go outside AT ALL. The problem with using a blanket to cover his carrier, was that if it was windy outside, it would blow all over the place. Another problem was that if the blanket was hanging over too much, it would get caught in the carrier base in the car when I snapped it in (My husband actually ripped one of our blankets this way) I was really excited to receive this striped nursing cover from Covered Goods, because I knew it would help solve these two issues that I was having.
What’s also great about this nursing cover, is that you can wear it as a scarf, use it as a carrier cover, and even as a grocery cart cover! The other day I was driving with Bennett in the car and I was on my way home to feed him at a certain time. We ran into traffic and Bennett started crying in the backseat as we got closer and closer to his meal time. I decided to pull over and nurse him in a parking lot and used my nursing cover with ease as I sat in my driver’s seat feeding him.  Covered Goods nursing covers are made in the USA and are made out of a stretchy fabric that gives you full coverage while nursing. I love mine so much, that I might have to get a few more! The floral one is another one of my favorites!
I paired my black striped nursing cover with this denim chambray dress that I got on major sale and added some pops of pink like these amazing suede eyelet heels that are really comfortable.  I love when products are both stylish and useful and Covered Goods nursing covers definitely fit the bill!

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