6 Creative Ways To Simplify The Holidays This Season

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This morning I had a phone conversation with a friend of mine about how stressful the holidays can be. Whether its financially, emotionally or physically, the holidays can be, just plain chaotic. The holidays are supposed to be about spending time with family and friends, but I always feel that I never really get to do that anymore. I always feel like I am too busy making sure everything is in place for when the big day arrives on December 25th. What if we simplified things for once? If we could just simplify a few small tasks this holiday season, then maybe, just maybe we could enjoy the holidays a little bit more. I mean, how wonderful would it be to really be mentally present when we get the opportunity to spend the day with the people we love most?

1. Simplify Gifts for the Kids– I saw friend of mine last year (who has 4 kids) follow these guidelines when buying her kids Christmas gifts: Want, Need, Wear, Read. Each kiddo got 4 presents, something they wanted or asked for, something they needed like clothing and then a book or something they could read. I really love this idea and have been thinking about doing it for my son, Bennett.

2. Order Takeout. Honestly, this is my favorite. Since having a child,? I feel like when I get together for the holidays with my family, we spend our time running around after kids, getting the food prepared, and then cleaning up. What if we just ordered takeout food and made it easy on everyone? I would love to see my own mother get to relax on a holiday for once and be able to just spend the time enjoying each other’s company.

3. Just Say No. Instead of trying to attend every single holiday get-together and event that you get invited to, decide which events truly bring pleasure to your life and skip out on the ones that don’t.? You don’t have to say “yes” to every invitation just because its the holidays.? This brings me back to number three and cooking. If something doesn’t sound fun or pleasurable to you, no matter how much it fits into your “perfect holiday picture” just don’t do it!

4. Make Any Outfit Festive. Glam up what you already have in your closet to make any outfit “holiday ready.” You can easily do this by adding just a single item to an outfit you already have in your closet without having to go on a shopping spree. One way that you can do this is? by adding some “faux fur” to your look, to give your outfit a little bit of holiday appeal. I love all of these faux fur pieces from Banana Republic right now, especially these faux fur heels or this faux fur bomber jacket?(all items are 40% off right now until December 10th and take an extra 20% off all outwear and winter accessories, TODAY ONLY!) Also adding pearl accessories to your outfit can add some holiday flair, like these Pointed-Toe Block-Heel Pumps With Pearls.

6. Make Holiday Packing a Breeze. Traveling for the holidays? Pack just one statement coat that will complement almost any outfit. I love this Ruffled Denim Jacket that I’m wearing, and I paired with a Vegan Leather Shirt Jacket for extra warmth! The ruffles are darling and I feel like it could go with almost anything!

The key phrase for this month is: “Keep it Simple.” Try to find ways that will allow you to enjoy yourself this month? during all of the festivities and avoid having to make decisions that will complicate things! Remember that the holidays should be fun, stress-free and spent with the ones that matter to you the most. I’ve been trying to keep things simple and in perspective this month by asking myself “how will I feel about this decision once the holidays are over?”If I have any feelings of doubt, I ditch the whole idea.? It doesn’t always work, but I am definitely trying! What are some ways you are simplifying your holidays this season?

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25 thoughts on “6 Creative Ways To Simplify The Holidays This Season

  1. You got me on #1 and #3! You are so right! Keep it simple! And I totally am loving your entire outfit! Holiday inspired look for sure! Love it! xo, Jessica

  2. 1 is definitely something I?ve never heard of before. We usually just get my kids one present each. I?ll have to keep 1 in mind!

  3. Love your look babe and yes I think it’s a great idea to simplify the gift for the kids this season!! I grew up like that as well. My mom would wrap up the gifts we needed (clothes etc) and always got us one toy that we desperately wanted!

  4. So many great tips! I’m definitely taking full advantage of takeout! Being lazy is one of my faves during the holidays! And who wants to fight crowds? Not me!

  5. I am all about simplifying— especially during this crazy time. Allows you to slow down and enjoy the special holiday moments . Loving your look– the red jeans are amazing!