Never Fear The Bodycon Dress

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The Bodycon Dress. Now that’s one item of clothing I probably haven’t worn since my early twenties, and DEFINITELY have not worn anything even close to the definition since having Bennett. Having kids definitely changes your body and is different for every female out there. One of the biggest changes I noticed after having my son was my stomach. It isn’t as flat as it used to be, and anytime I wear anything remotely form fitting, its the first thing I notice. I have tried wearing undergarments, but haven’t been able to find the right one yet, because I kind of feel like they almost make my stomach look worse.

When I first saw this dress online, I totally fell in love. I was super hesitant to pull the trigger on it though, because it was kind of like a Bodycon Dress, and I? hadn’t worn anything this form in a very, very long time. I really liked it though, so I decided to give it a try. The dress arrived and I loved how it looked, but didn’t feel that comfortable in it. I was worried about how it looked on my “Mom Bod” and didn’t want to put certain things on display, if you know what I mean. I posted the dress on Instagram and got a lot of positive feedback from followers, so I decided to keep the dress. I decided I would order it in one size larger, hoping I wouldn’t feel so self conscious in it. My new dress came in the mail and I loved it! Going up one size truly made a difference in how I felt.

Now this dress isn’t a true Bodycon dress, but it is definitely a form-fitting sweater dress. The colors are so perfect for the fall, that it was truly hard for me to pass up and I was dying to make it work. Wearing this dress actually gives me confidence, as crazy as that sounds. I am learning to love my new body and embrace its Mom-ish qualities. When I put this dress on, it kind of takes me back to my younger days, and I think we can all agree that that’s always a good thing in some respects, right?? I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and give a dress like this a try. Be proud of your body and everything it has helped you do in this life.

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13 thoughts on “Never Fear The Bodycon Dress

  1. I remember having a conversation when you posted this dress in your stories and you TOTALLY made the right decision!

  2. The mom will have you rethinking your style choices. I am slowly learning this and have also been staying away from bodycon dresses I love the bold stripes on this dress, I think I would rather wear the bright stripes since they would be a bit more forgiving. Love everything about this look Sarah.