How To Buy Boutique Clothes on a Budget







Tunic: c/o, Jeans: 0ld, Shoes: TJ Maxx, Handbag: TJ Maxx

Floral Tunics are my absolute favorite and when you add these bell sleeves to the mix, I just lose all self-control! When I first started blogging I would find a lot of really cute clothes at small boutique shops that I wanted to put on my blog. Boutique prices can often be a bit on the pricey side, and with a teacher (and brand new blogger) budget, there was no way I could afford all these amazing items I set my eyes on. Cue (I still think of them as before they got a facelift), a one-stop shop that lets you score boutique items at discounted prices. is a marketplace featuring the latest in women’s fashion, home decor and children’s clothing. posts a ton of boutique deals to their website every day (specifically at 2am ET every day). They have a certain amount of items for sale in their daily deal and once?those items are gone, they are gone! You must have an account with to be able to view their boutique deals. Wanna know what the deals will be tomorrow? There are two options available?to have a sneek peek of ?tomorrow’s deals; 1. You can purchase an item. Once you purchase an item, you get all the free sneek peeks you want. 2. Wait until 4pm ET and tomorrow’s deals will be revealed!

This yellow floral tunic is from and so is this pink ruffled tank top that I posted on Instagram last week. Since the deals are only available for a short amount of time, you probably won’t be able to get these exact items (unless a boutique chooses to restock and post again, which happens sometimes) but they are a good indicator of the adorable items that are available! If you have never shopped with before, I highly recommend you check them out and grab some great deals before they’re gone!


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