Toddler Thursday: A Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Tot


I know, I know. How can I be talking about the holidays already, when its only October? Well, if you’re like me, you might like to get your holiday shopping done early, so when December rolls around you can relax a little bit. Before I had Bennett I always had the hardest time buying gifts for people with kids. I had no idea what was age appropriate (besides reading the age recommendations on the box) or what my friends really needed for their kids. Now that Bennett is 17 months old, I thought I would put together an early gift guide with items that I think Bennett might like.

Today I am partnering with Baby Cubby to give you some great gift giving ideas. Have you ever heard of Baby Cubby before? Baby Cubby isn’t just “another baby store” that’s out there. Through their website, their Cubby Community blog or any interactions with customers, they really want parents to know that they aren’t just a place that sells “stuff” and want to be a resource to parents throughout their amazing journey of parenthood.  I really enjoy shopping at places like this instead of the larger chain stores that are out there. I really feel that they care about my shopping experience, but also want me to feel supported while I’m figuring this whole parenting thing out.

The Baby Cubby is for every parent out there who has ever felt overwhelmed or discouraged about becoming a parent. The Baby Cubby team is made up of parents who have been there, so they know what it’s like and are passionate about encouraging, inspiring, and reminding parents how amazing they are and how important their role is. The way they do this is by finding the best and safest baby gear and providing it to parents in a fun shopping experience where they do things like test strollers on their stroller track, price match every day-even Amazon, offer free shipping nationwide and actively engage with parents via social media and their Cubby Community blog to discuss some of those hard topics of parenting. All of the toys I am mentioning today can be found on their website.

 1. Ride On Toys– Since Bennett is finally walking and is pretty stable on two legs, a ride on toy is perfect for someone his age. He finally is able to grasp the concept of having to move his legs to push himself along on a toy like this.

2. Babylit Books– If you read my previous post about Baby Lit books here, you will understand why these make such great gifts!

 3. An Infant carseat– I realize that this is a big ticket item, but it is definitely needed when baby outgrows his/her newborn carseat once they reach around 30 lbs. This would  be greatly appreciated by any parents out there that have to make the switch. 

 4. Plush Animals– Bennett loves his stuffed animals and sleeps with his teddy bear every night. He’s in the stage now where he wants to hug and kiss his stuffed animals all the time. A plush toy would be a great gift for a toddler his age!

  5. Feeding Dishes and Utensils– Mealtime is now a huge deal in our house as Bennett is learning to use a fork and spoon and drink out of a sippy cup. I feel like we never have enough of this stuff, so this would be appreciated by any toddler parent! 

 6. Stance Chicklet Box– I actually got this for my husband on Bennett’s first Christmas. My husband loves his Stance socks and so when they came out with little baby versions of the socks, I had to get this for him (along with all the matching adult versions in this set).

 7. Bow Tie and Suspender Set- Every little boy needs a bow time and suspender set. This is the perfect gift for someone who is expecting a baby boy or even for just a toddler.

 8. Bath Toys– Bennett loves taking a bath every night because of all the toys he has in the tub with him. Boon has some pretty great toys that are different from the rest!

9. Toddler Backpack– Not only is this backpack adorable, but it would be so cute for a toddler that had to go to daycare every day!

10. Freshly Picked Moccasins-Every toddler needs a pair of FP mocs! This might not be something a parent would normally splurge on, so it  these would make a great gift.

 I hope my gift guide was helpful for you! Like I mentioned earlier, I was clueless before I had a baby about what would make a great gift. I knew if a gift was adorable,  but I wanted it to be functional too (trust me, the parents will really appreciate this). I love supporting smaller companies, so  I hope that  you will be sure to keep Baby Cubby in mind  while shopping this holiday season!


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