Toddler Thursday: Traveling With Your Tot


It goes without saying that traveling with a toddler is not always the easiest task. As a new mom, I am still learning as I go and am picking up tips and tricks along the way. I’m still an amateur, but I love sharing helpful products that I find on?my journey throughout motherhood. ?We are actually taking Bennett to the beach for the first time this weekend (a 4 1/2 hour car ride!) so I’m sure I will be learning some things after this weekend as well! Today I want to tell you about some amazing toddler travel products from the brand OXO. ?I have always been a fan of the OXO brand (they have the best chopper ever and we love their dish brush!) so I was excited to try out some of their products made for toddlers.

1.OXO Tot Transitions Soft Spout Sippy Cup Set

The best feature of this sippy cup is that it has a lid. My other sippy cups also have a lid, but not an attachable flip lid like this one has. The lid on this cup kept my son busy for quite some time. The great thing about this cup set is that it has 3 different levels. The first level?is the soft spout with the two handles on the side for baby to hold. The next level allows you to give your toddler the soft spout minus the handles, and the third stage turns the sippy cup into an open cup trainer. I also liked that Bennett could see through this cup, allowing him to start learning how far he?needs to tip the cup.



2. OXO Tot Cleaning Set For Straw & Sippy Cups

This cleaning set comes with 3 tools: a straw brush, a lid and pump parts brush and a sippy spout cleaner. I’ve had to throw a few sippy cups away in the past due to mold forming in the spout. The spout can be tough to completely clean in the dishwasher, so these tools came in handy when I wanted to really get in there and clean the inside of a straw or sippy cup spout. The pump parts brush would have been really useful when I was breastfeeding, so I will have to save that brush for my next child!


3. OXO Tot On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser with Diaper Pouch

I liked this dispenser because we use Kirkland wipes and they come in a huge package. It was nice to put a few of these (it holds up to 25) in the dispenser and not have to lug around a huge pack of wipes in my diaper bag. ?The silicone strap also comes in handy, as it allows you to attach it to a stroller handle or diaper bag so you?can access it easily.


4. OXO Tot Flippy? Snack Cup with Travel Cover

The first thing I noticed about this cup that I liked was the lid! The other snack cups we have like this that are not OXO, don’t have a lid. If I forget to leave the snack cup in my bag, the snacks go stale! I love. this. lid. Another great feature of this cup is that the lid screws on. With our other snack cups, it didn’t take long for Bennett to figure out how to pop the lid off and have his snacks all over the place. This snack cup is also top rack dishwasher safe and comes in 3 different colors: green, pink and aqua.


5.OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty? with Travel Bag

We are definitely not ready for potty training yet, but when we are, I am going to be so glad that we have this! You can use this seat on top of a regular toilet seat for on the go travel, but you can also turn this into a little portable potty seat by unfolding the legs and attaching a disposable bag underneath it (Bennett loved sitting on this for a picture!)


6.OXO Tot?Handy Stroller Hook

This hook has a non-slip grip and grooves that are perfect for holding your bags or are greatt for little hands to hold onto while walking. This hook can be attached anywhere on stroller handles or frames and the adjustable strap fits all stroller handles as well. I love that this hook gives me an extra “hand” while on the go.


The OXO brand never disappoints! After using the OXO Tot products, I am still a lover of this brand and am so happy that they make products for little tots that make my life so much easier. As I mentioned earlier, we are going to the beach this weekend with Bennett. Any first time beach trip advice for me? I would love to hear your tips!


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