Stroller: c/o Delta Children, Bennett’s outfit: c/o Little Me. My dress, My shoes

Can we talk strollers for a minute? I had no clue that I was going to need so. many. strollers. Seriously, half of my garage no longer houses my husband’s car, it stores all of our strollers. Lets see, first we had to get the click and go stroller that was great when Bennett was a newborn, then we got a another?stroller that was a great all around stroller to have for walking in the park, neighborhood, mall etc. and then we got a Delta Children J is For Jeep Jogging stroller that I use when I go on all my runs. So what other stroller do I need? Well, as Bennett has become a toddler, I have found myself needing a stroller that is lightweight and that I can use on quick errands around town (plus, I was tired of having no room in my trunk to put anything else but a stroller). I started researching all the umbrella strollers out there and got a Delta Children J is for?Brand Atlas AL Sport Stroller.

The J is for Jeep Brand Atlas AL Sport Stroller is seriously the Cadillac of umbrella strollers.?The best thing about this stroller is that you get a convenient, light-weight umbrella stroller without sacrificing comfort for your child. The aluminum frame makes this stroller really light to lift and makes it a breeze to throw in and out of the car. The stroller also folds up really nicely into a narrow piece that saves a ton of room in your trunk. The memory foam seat is extra plush and supportive for my son (especially when compared to some of the other thin “canvas” type seats that some of the other umbrella strollers have) and the wheels move forward and backwards with ease! (a common complaint I heard from others about some of the?cheaper umbrella strollers out there).

Also, how cute is Bennett’s outfit? This Crab Polo?Short set is from Little Me and it is now 50% off! Little Me is having a Summer Clearance Sale and everything in their summer collection is on sale!

What is your favorite stroller of all time? Do you have a smaller, umbrella-type stroller that you use as well? I would love to hear about what you all use!


Photography by Jordyn Michelle Photography

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