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Dress(ships free), Sandals (on sale!!)
 Lets talk about the postpartum baby body, shall we? I knew I wouldn’t be instantly skinny again, nor would my six pack be miraculously visible aftert birth, but after I had my c-section, I remember looking down at my flat stomach that had just been cut open and cleaned out and feeling pretty good. I remember thinking “yeah! this is awesome! I can see my feet again!” then BAM, I woke up the next day and my stomach was huge again. well,I am 4 weeks postpartum, and the stomach is still there. Don’t get me wrong, I know it took me 9 months to get this bump, so I am cutting myself some slack here. All I am saying, is that wearing clothes has been a challenge, and I really didn’t think about this beforehand.  I am finding that one of of my go-to items has been a maxi dress. I’m still not able to fit into my jeans (also, who wants to wear jeans, postpartum c-section?!) so a maxi dress is comfortable (it doesn’t press on your incision) and if you can find one with a loose fitting, “flutter” type top, it can draw the eye away from your stomach.
I found this flutter maxi and loved the cut of it and the pattern. One thing I always look for in a maxi is the length as well. I hate maxi dresses that drag on the ground or mean you have to wear 4″ heels with it. This maxi dress is the perfect length to wear with sandals, and I don’t have to worry about tripping over it when I walk. This print also comes in a pleated maxi skirt, a cold shoulder dress, top and tank top (I have linked them all below) I also got these sandals last year and they are currently on sale for 20% off. I saw a pair of these  that Dolce Vita made for $50 and I got these on sale for $18 and they look the same!  Go grab yourself a pair, before they sell out!

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