Windblown Bows

Jacket: Kate Spade (similar here), Dress LC by Lauren Conrad (similar here), Shoes: Sofft, Watch: Marc Jacobs
Today in New England we were supposed to get a snow storm along with heavy gusts of wind. When I woke up this morning and saw that it wasn’t snowing, I jumped at the chance to get some pictures of my new Kate Spade Bow coat. I took some pictures at school and as soon as I stepped outside it was so windy I could barely walk. At one point when I tried to get some pictures taken, the skirt of my dress blew up Marilyn Monroe style. All I kept thinking to myself was, “Please don’t let a student walk by and see my skirt blown over my head!” I thought the pictures were pretty funny, so I decided to include them at the end of this post. I am OBSESSED with my new bow coat and am excited to be able to wear it now assuming (fingers crossed) that the weather will be nice from here on out. We didn’t get snow any snow today like they predicted, but man, we sure got some wind!

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